Essentials Tools For Baking

Baking is love and who does not want to see that delicious cake rise, perfectly formed cookies and cupcakes. To get make some exceptional baking wonders along with a great recipe and oven you also need essential baking tools .Whether you are an avid baker or new to baking we’ve  listed up few must-have baking tools for you. So here are a few essential tools to make baking easier, less messier and more of fun

Measuring Spoons:

Sometimes a recipe calls for a teaspoon of this or tablespoon of that, it seems like it would be OK to use the regular teaspoon right? But NO it is not accurate. Grab a good quality set of measuring spoons to help make all the bakes more accurate.

Measuring cup:

These are available as a set and can be used for measuring dry ingredients; especially when the recipe calls for cup measures.

The liquid measurement cup also has measurements printed on it and is extremely practical when you are measuring smaller amounts of liquids.

Weighing Scale:

For truly accurate baking, a scale is the key. For things like flour especially, cup measurements can be inaccurate at times, and for that reason, baking by weight is preferred by professionals everywhere.

Baking Pans:

A good set of baking pans makes all the difference between a sunken, burnt cake and a perfect one. In general a thick pan with a nice finish is good to start with.
Pans can be of many types – Standards being the round pan and square pan; there is a variety of pans available in market, depending upon what you are baking.


Again, this is one of those tools you can’t substitute if you want results. You can try a fork if you have to, but we promise you’ll realize your mistake for not investing in this wonder. For the lightest sponge, featherweight cakes or the airiest meringue you’ll need a good quality hand whisk and a great whipping technique.

Parchment Paper:

This is used to make parchment cones, to fit in your cake pans and to line the cookie sheet pans and they make for very easy cleanup. You can sift dry ingredients onto this paper, and then just pick it up, and pour the ingredients into a measuring cup or bowl.


Scraping the bowl, folding ingredients, and transferring batters are all made easier with a good spatula. The flexible contours of silicone help it effectively reach all areas; and the material is both easy to clean and heat resistant to boot.

icing Spatulas:

These spatulas are different from the above ones. They are available in offset and straight versions and it’s good to buy all the variants if you love baking. They can be used to apply frosting on large wedding cakes as well as on tiny cupcakes. In addition, they can be used to smooth batter inside pans to get a leveled layer.

Pastry Brush:

Whether you are brushing biscuits with butter or dusting excess flour from homemade bread, a basic pastry brush is essential.

Bench Scraper:

This is a tool you never knew you kneaded. If you’re baking anything with dough be it biscuits, pie crust, or bread, a bench scraper will make quick work of cutting, scraping, and folding the dough. Mostly it has a built-in ruler along the edge.

Rolling Pin:

A rolling pin is the simplest way to easily roll out dough (even store-bought dough) into a nice, even thickness.

Hand Mixer:

It is yet another essential tool for the quick blending of ingredients and the whipping of air into eggs, butter, and cream.

Cooling rack:

Also known simply as a wire rack is used to allow air to circulate freely to cool baked goods, and to prevent them getting soggy from condensation.

This may be few must-have baking tools, but by no means are these, the only ones you are going to need. As you go along, you can also add sieves of different grades, wooden spoons,  a metal skewer, a zester and a lot more .Very importantly, opt for high quality tools; as these will serve their purpose better and last longer too.

Happy Baking 🙂